6 charcoal benefits for glowing skin
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6 Charcoal Benefits for Skin That Are Truly Impressive

The beauty world is buzzing with the word charcoal. Though the fuss might seem new, it has been used for various medicinal purposes since centuries. From those oddly satisfying peel off masks, to face wash and shampoos, it has become a universal ingredient. But what is charcoal and how does it benefit the skin? Here, we’ll tell you about some impressive benefits of charcoal and why is it the magical cure you’ve been looking for.

Read on, you can thank us later!

1. It deep cleanses your skin

The foremost battle our skin fights in today’s world is pollution. Activated charcoal can come to the rescue because of its effective absorbing properties at a microscopic level. A dose of charcoal detox removes impurities and clears your pores leaving your skin clean, soft and supple.

2. Removes excess oil and breakouts

Oily skin attracts more dirt and is prone to breakouts. Charcoal helps your skin unclog by absorbing all the extra sebum. It tightens your pores, reducing unwanted breakouts, blackheads and whiteheads. The result – hydrated and beautiful skin.

3. Exfoliates your skin

Charcoal’s texture is such that it gently exfoliates your skin. With all the dead skin mopped away, you skin gets the shine it never did before.

4. Reduces inflammation and soothes the skin

From cuts to insect bites and curing painful acne, charcoal is an antidote which when applied to the skin soothes it from within. Although, using a cosmetic product for cuts might not be a great idea, charcoal in its most basic powder form can be made into a paste and applied onto the skin to reap its benefits. Charcoal face wash, scrub and masks however, can be used to cure acne and reduce inflammation.

5. Rids scars and blemishes

If you’re tired of scars and blemishes not saying goodbye after several attempts, it might be time to invest in charcoal. Consistent usage of charcoal helps in ridding stubborn scars and blemishes from your skin. Clean and clear skin mirrors more lustre and brightness that you would have hoped for.

6. Is good for your hair

Use powdered charcoal or get a shampoo that contains some. Charcoal washes away all the grime and oil while retaining moisture levels of your hair. Its purifying properties also help in reducing dandruff, itchy scalp and redness. It leaves your hair light and clean, giving it more volume and shine.

Now, if you thought the benefits of this gritty black ingredient ends here, there’s more. While topical application of charcoal products is norm, charcoal in its most basic and untainted form can also be consumed in a defined quantity. Looking for a hangover cure, consume the omnipotent charcoal to wash off all the toxins from your body and restore energy. Got wine or coffee stains on your teeth, rub some black charcoal to get pearly white teeth.

Now that you’re well acquainted with charcoal’s magic, try it for yourself. And as we said, you can thank us later!

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