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Ayurveda and Turmeric’ – What the ancient texts say

‘Turmeric’, other than being the king of all spices has a very broad use as a universal panacea. In Ayurvedic texts, turmeric is believed to balance the three ‘doshas’ (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha). It has been used by Vaidyas (Ayurvedic healers) as medicine taken internally in the form of fresh juice, boiled tea, tinctures, or powder, and externally as creams, lotions, pastes, and ointments.

Turmeric pastes have always been used for chickenpox, shingles, ulcers, smallpox, conjunctivitis, skin blemishes, malaria, and applied to the cut placenta after the birth of a child.

All this time, it was there in your kitchen?

In a country like India, which is known as the home of spices, where curry/turmeric is a dietary staple, regular consumption of turmeric can have life-changing results. There has been evidence that curcumin found in turmeric can kills certain types of Cancer cells as well. A regularly used food spice often gets neglected despite the fact that Turmeric has infinite uses. We are all so used to turmeric (Haldi), that by now we’ve taken it for granted. Yet, Haldi has such tremendous medicinal value.

Is Turmeric safe for skin care?

You might find a number of ideas and suggestions all over the internet about the pros and cons of Turmeric. However, people failed at denying the fact that it has zero side effects when used externally. Turmeric has many healing properties for the skin. Being antibacterial, it’s ultra-efficient for blemishes, acne and skin balance. Turmeric is wonderful at enhancing the texture of your skin because it is an exfoliant but also rich in antioxidants. It’s a wonderful natural treatment inside and out!

Just Imagine using such a magical remedy daily – a remedy that was almost lost through the sands of time but is now resurging.

Spicing Up your skincare

Turmeric for acne.

If you’ve failed after trying everything to remove ACNE, then turmeric might be just the thing you’re looking for. Turmeric has a chemical known as Curcumin which is responsible for giving turmeric its rich yellow color. Curcumin was found to restrain the bacteria that causes acne in vitro. The results show the proofs of using curcumin as an effective treatment for acne.

Turmeric for oily skin.

Turmeric in its familiar form—a rich yellow powder—is made of the rhizomes of turmeric plant, boiled, dried, and then ground. Also, the concentrated extract obtained from the rhizomes of turmeric plant can be used in skin medications to regulate excessive sebum secretion in people suffering from acne and associated problems. In other words, turmeric was shown to absorb excess oil from the skin.

Turmeric for healing wounds.

Healing properties of curcumin can reduce inflammation and oxidation, and enhance tissue formation, collagen deposition, and tissue remodeling. This means that curcumin can definitely ensure healed skin wounds. Interested in tapping into turmeric’s possible healing effects? Make sure to consult with a doctor before attempting to medicate using turmeric in any form, whether oral or topical.

Turmeric for other skin problems.

Several kinds of research have looked into the effects of topical and ingested turmeric or curcumin on skin conditions including acne, alopecia, atopic dermatitis, facial photoaging, oral lichen planus, pruritus, psoriasis, radiodermatitis, and vitiligo.

Results show that there was a considerably significant improvement in the treatment groups that were given turmeric or curcumin. Further studies need to be conducted, but the existing studies seem to indicate that turmeric is a promising treatment for various skin conditions.

Where will I find It?

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