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Charcoal for Oily Skin? Yes, it works!

Oily skin giving you headaches? Try Charcoal Scrubs

Oily Skin is the bane of all beauty treatments. And with the onslaught of pollution (plus the coming summer months), this will only worsen.

Fortunately, with the combination of scientific studies and inspired by ancient Vedic knowledge, there have emerged solutions for this.

In the past years, a lot of cosmetic research has been focused on finding the right treatment for oily skin. We will talk about some common tips on how to keep this condition under control. But before that, let us tell you about the hottest new ingredient that has proven results and scientifically backed – Charcoal.

To be perfectly clear, Charcoal (technically Activated Charcoal) is not something new. For centuries, it was thought to be a universal antidote, for uses ranging from whitening teeth to curing hangovers and even treating poison!

Yet, now people are waking up to the benefits of Charcoal for a beauty regimen. Charcoal clears out your pores thereby cleansing your skin. Chemically, Charcoal’s porous texture has a negative electrical charge – this means it can attract toxins and dirt particles (positive charged). In combination with other proven ingredients such as Aloe Vera & Chamomile Oil – a Charcoal based beauty product can just be the perfect solution.

Pollution these days is not only a breathing hazard, but it also clogs your pores, dulling your complexion. Charcoal helps in clearing out these particles and leaving your skin ‘free to breathe’.

Charcoal Cream Face Wash and Charcoal Face Scrub are just two products from Sacred Salts that can work wonders for your skin. And they are so simple to use that you can easily fit them into your daily routine.

Our Charcoal Face Scrub also has Aloe Vera (Ghritkumari) – the benefits of which are pretty well known. You can read some of them here. It is loaded with natural nutrients, cools downs skin and rejuvenates your cells. Chamomile Oil is a natural lightening agent. Clean your face, apply the scrub and rinse after 5 minutes. That is all it takes to have a glowing skin.

More of a face wash person? No problem, with our Charcoal Cream Face Wash, that comes enriched with Pro-Vitamin  B5, you have a deep cleansing agent that works perfectly for oily skin.

Simply put, charcoal helps in balancing and exfoliating your skin while maintaining a natural balance for oil secretion – this ensures that you are neither dry nor oily.

Make sure to try this out!

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