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How to Protect Skin from Air Pollution

Often the reason behind dull skin, wrinkles, and clogged pores are air pollution more and hormonal issues less. Your skin secretes fats and natural oils (lipids) that keep skin infection-free, supple, and hydrated. However, high acidic level in the air and chemicals in the smog, when combined with UVR, can make it very hard for the skin to take in enough oxygen and fight infections, allergies, signs of aging and dryness. 

Long-term exposure to air pollution can also cause or worsen skin conditions, such as Eczema, Acne, and Rosacea, and premature aging. 

We consulted a few skin experts and asked them about the best way to protect skin from air pollution effectively. 

Here’s what they suggested:

Drink Enough Water

Water not only helps the liver flush out toxins and waste, but also clears skin, and hydrates and nourishes it. While dry and dull skin prompts early aging, hydrated skin repairs damaged cells and fight signs of aging, such as pigmentation, wrinkles, black marks, open pores, and dull skin. 

Cleanse the Skin Twice 

Make it a routine to cleanse your face twice a day, especially if your work requires traveling. Travelling and exposure to smog can make your skin dry. And dry skin is vulnerable to the penetration of harmful chemicals present in the air. Therefore, apart from drinking water, you must rinse your face two times every day using a soft cream-based facewash.

The most effective cleanser is the one that contains Sacred Salts activated charcoal and essential oils, such as Cedar-wood or Orange to help flush out harmful chemicals rooted deep within skin pores. Use a paraben-free gentle face wash.

Activated charcoal regenerates the skin, removes toxins and blackheads, and reduces dark spots. It also helps retain moisture, balances natural oils, and prevents skin pigmentation. 

Make sure you remove your makeup thoroughly before using a face wash.

Scrub Your Face Two Times a Week

Scrubbing is an essential process of a skin protection regime. Use a mild scrub for exfoliating your skin and remove dead skin cells and chemical particles. Scrubbing additionally clears clogged pores, blackheads, and removes built-up impurities. Regular skin exfoliation also helps develop new skin cells and improve skin health.

Scrubbing skin every day can lead to skin losing its natural oil, which can cause acne and pimples. Therefore, ideally, you must scrub your skin only two times a week.

While any mild scrub is good to go, a charcoal-based scrub will not only remove dirt and dead cells but also address other problems, such as oil balance and flakiness. 

Sacred Salts Activated charcoal scrub minimizes pores, de-tans, destroys acne-causing bacteria, evens out skin tone, and slows down the aging process. 

Apply Face Masks Regularly

Face Mask completes the skin protection process. After cleansing and scrubbing, your face can become unreasonably dry. And as we said, dry skin is the root cause of skin allergies and aging. Therefore, in order to restore the effectiveness of cleansing and scrubbing, you must regularly pamper your skin with peel-off masks. 

Just a 20-minute application of Sacred Salts activated charcoal-based peel-off mask can do wonders on your skin, such as refine pores, increase hydration, firm skin, improve tone, and rejuvenate the skin.

Peel off masks should be applied after cleansing and scrubbing, and before toning and moisturizing. Make sure the mask you buy is made of natural ingredients, such as cedarwood, aloe vera, turmeric, etc. 

Apply Toner for an Even-looking, Glowing Skin

Just like scrubbing, you shouldn’t miss applying a toner on your cleansed face. A good quality toner neutralizes the skin, restores pH balance, and removes acidic particles from the skin surface. Toner also tightens up the skin and adds a layer of protection by reducing the penetration of air pollutants and contaminants. 

You don’t have to spend extravagantly on toners. The most effective and simple toner available in the market is rose water. Keep a small bottle handy always. Spray a little on your face whenever you want a quick skin refreshment. 

Moisturize Your Skin

There is no rule for moisturizing. Apply it on a clean face whenever you feel dry. If you cannot cleanse your face, use a damp cloth or wet tissue to remove dirt and oil, and then apply moisturizer. However, it is mandatory to use toner and moisturizer after every wash, so as to retain the moisture content and even out your skin texture. 

Use a good quality, heavy moisturizing cream during winter. Alternatively, you can also use olive oil or pure coconut oil to hydrate and nourish your skin.

Remember to apply a thick layer of moisturizer lotion in the night to retain moisture for 7 – 9 hours at a stretch.

Apart from the above routine, you should also use sun protection cream with SPF 50 and above, take an oil bath once a month, and supplement your diet with omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and pro-prebiotics. 

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