All of Sacred Salts products are Cruelty-Free, Paraben-Free and 100% organic. Each product is also dermatologically tested so you can rest assured that you will be feeding your precious skin only the best.

All products from Sacred Salts are gentle and effective. They never harm, only love your skin.
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Milking Your Way to Great Skin

Milking Your Way to Great Skin

There’s a reason why your grandma swore by milk – and she was 100% right to do so. Don’t worry, we
won’t ask you to drink herbal milk like she did. Milk has so much going for it and can be used topically as
a standalone kitchen ingredient for myriad skin problems. Whether you’re tormented by acne and red
patches, dry and flaky skin or a dull complexion, milk can always come to your rescue.

Sacred Salts Milk Protein range
A Powerhouse of Nutrients
The protein and alpha hydroxy acids in milk keep you young, its lactic acid nourishes and hydrates dry
skin and its B-vitamins help in forming new skin cells and even out the skin tone. It is great for fighting
tanning and pigmentation. It also takes care of oily skin by drawing out excess sebum from the pores
and tightens them.

The Acne Manual

People with acne often worry about exfoliating their skin without aggravating pimples – the answer is milk. Most skin scrubs can be too harsh and abrasive, but not those formulated with milk. It works as a mild and gentle exfoliator that will slough away all your dead skin without making your pimples furious. You can use a homemade scrub of oats soaked overnight in milk with a dash of honey or simply dab a cotton ball in some milk and apply daily in circular motions. We also like the Sacred Salts Milk Protein Face & Body Scrub that exfoliates superbly with its walnut grits blended with milk, coconut oil and aloe
vera extracts. It’s equally effective on the body as it is on the face. Bonus: It helps in de-tanning as well.

Sacred Salts Milk Protein range
Skin That’s Oh-so-soft!
Milk also has exceptional skin-softening properties. The Egyptian queen Cleopatra was known for
pampering herself with milk baths. About 700 donkeys would be milked every day for her daily milk
bath! But we don’t need to go to such lengths to reap the benefits of milk. Keep your skin super supple
with the Sacred Salts Milk Protein Creamy Body Wash that transforms your bath time into spa time. To
complete the indulgence, slather on some Sacred Salts Milk Protein Hydrating Lotion Body Lotion and
you’re good to go. If only Cleopatra had access to it!

Be a Glow-getter
You can also snag a wonderful glow on your face with this simple recipe – blend a handful of rose petals
with half a cup of milk for a DIY face mask. You can refrigerate the rest and use it later. To lighten acne
scars, try making a paste of five almonds soaked in a quarter cup of milk overnight. Apply it twice a week
to see visible changes. But it’s often inconvenient to try these DIY treatments – let’s get real, it can get
pretty messy. Also, you can’t carry a carton of milk everywhere with you. Some can’t stand the smell of
raw milk either. That’s where the Sacred Salts Milk Protein range swoops in. It’s paraben, mineral oil and
sulphate-free, 100 per cent organic and dermatologically tested. It’s also cruelty-free and crafted with
love so that you can indulge yourself without any guilt!
What are you waiting for?

Sacred Salts Milk Protein range

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