All of Sacred Salts products are Cruelty-Free, Paraben-Free and 100% organic. Each product is also dermatologically tested so you can rest assured that you will be feeding your precious skin only the best.

All products from Sacred Salts are gentle and effective. They never harm, only love your skin.
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Wooden Comb Natural Handmade Maple Wood Broad Tooth Hair Detangler Detangling Comb


NATURAL MATERIALS – 100% made of natural Maple wood, Hand crafted with tender care, No harm to your head skin.

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NATURAL MATERIALS – 100% made of natural Maple wood,hand crafted with tender harm to your hair skin.

Benefits: Anti static wood hair brush and maple wooden comb do not damage hair. It massages the scalp in order to stimulate blood flow which results in healthy hair. Other benefits include a reduction in: hair loss, split ends, brittle hair, and even dandruff.

Handcrafted from Wood; It is a wonder plant, recognised for its healing properties. Provides natural healing effect with every stroke; helps reduce dandruff and scalp disorders

Maintenance of wooden comb–Clean it in cold water with a soft brush and neutral detergent decontamination, use dry towel to wipe it,air dry naturally or use soft cloth rub stains can clean the surface of the product, to achieve the effect of cleaning and polishing.

Usable Range: works on all hair types, for men and women, perfect for wet or dry hair, and perfect gift for your dad, brother, boyfriend, or husband. These combs are extremely well made and light enough to carry around in your purse without weighing it down.

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