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Remedies to Perfectly Glowing Skin

Summer 2019 is knocking on our doors. Are you ready to begin a simple six-week program for better health & glowing skin?

In life, quick fixes rarely work. And especially not when it comes to health and fitness. As the old saying goes, a series of exercises only form a single workout – to live a life of fitness, we must have healthy habits. This series of articles is all about building those healthy habits in a simple 6 weeks program.

Why six weeks? Well in Yogic tradition, 21 days is counted as a Mandala – or the shortest time period required to develop a healthy habit. Given the unhealthy habits that we have already created in our lives, 6 weeks is exactly double that and will ensure that the habits stick.

Also with the impending summer, this is the perfect time to start your six-week summer fitness program that will leave you with a healthy body and a glowing skin.

Week 1: Planning

We all have different goals and being unclear on what we want to achieve is the fastest route to failure. Take out your pen and dairy, and start a journal. What do you want to accomplish? What are the actions needed? Are the expectations realistic? What is the measure you will keep? Are there pre-existing negative habits that you have to counter?

In these six weeks, what result would make you the happiest – create a mental image!

Write it all down. The goals, the steps, and the final result. Visualize in your mind what physical shape you expect to be in 6 weeks if you started today.

Also, write what you would look and feel like if you didn’t start changing habit today – sometimes, fear can be a powerful motivator. What is the image you get if you didn’t do anything in the next weeks (lived as usual)? Articulate how you would feel if that happened and write it down – read this daily. This is your workout partner.

Keep a journal

Keep a journal – detail your goals!

Make yourself accountable to your goals

We simply cannot allow the daily tasks to deviate from our goals. See how you can make yourself accountable. Is it by telling others? Or by posting on social media? Or by promising yourself a special gift if you succeeded? Whatever it is, extra motivation doesn’t hurt.

And with that start on your journey with some basics this first week.

Begin drinking at least 3-4 liters of water per day.

Always keep a water bottle with you, whether you are traveling or working.

Start a morning detoxifying routine

The easiest one is Warm Water with Honey and Lemon. This not only aids digestion but also removes toxins from your body.

Start counting your steps.

If you know your daily steps, then start doubling them – 10,000 steps per day should be your eventual goal. There are plenty of free apps to calculate steps – get one and keep your daily goal.

Does your face look tired?

This could be an indicator of not enough sleep. Find out the reason. Most of the time the issue is fixable – like a cluttered bed, watching movies at night & waking early, carrying your problems into your sleep. Fix that issue and see if it changes. An average person needs at least 6-8 Hours of sleep daily.

Start cutting of bad food habits

We know this can’t be implemented immediately. This is why Week 1 is for planning. Move away from processed food, fried ingredients, junk food, and the roadside eateries. The temptation might be strong today, but these are extremely harmful to your health. Oats and Veggies, Fruits and Good Carbs – use these as a substitute for pizzas and chips.


The biggest danger to our health is the modern stress. The non-stop running is taking its toll. Meditation has been proven to bring down stress levels and release positive hormones. Incorporate into your schedule.

A big mistake when starting any program is to start on the top speed – this will only burn you out. We don’t want that, do we?!

So the first week is simple for you, start noticing your body and make small changes. In our next article, we will move on to Week 2. Stay tuned!

And as always, remember that Sacred Salts is committed to delivering pure, organic beauty products. try us out 🙂

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