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Shea Butter and Castile Soaps Are What You Need This Winters

If you’re wondering what these ingredients are, let’s start here. Castile soaps are natural vegetable-based soaps, free of animal fats and synthetic ingredients. They are non-toxic, biodegradable and the presence of natural oils provide immense moisturizing, cleansing and lathering properties.

Shea butter is another natural moisturizer produced from its seed oils. Important nutrients, phytonutrients and vitamins like Vitamin A, E and F provide unparalleled hydration, apart from healing the skin and adding to its health.

While the environment has many factors contributing to skin troubles, winter brings its fair share of woes as well. To give your skin a helping hand, castile soaps and Shea butter can be two wondrous ingredients. They’ve now become more than a fad and here’s how.

Castile soaps can help you clean minor wounds, but their benefits go way beyond this. Its versatile nature opens up the possibility of using it as a body wash, face wash and even as a shampoo. A castile soap is mild but potent enough to kill harmful bacteria and cleanse the skin. If you’ve been longing for an all-natural soap to add to your beauty regimen, then this is a very certain answer. It replenishes all the lost nourishment to your skin.

You can get a castile soap with added essential oils but if you can get your hands on a pure Castile bar, its uses are rather more enigmatic. It can act as your basic household cleanser for clothes, dishes and floors, can be used to bathe pets and as a spray for plants. You can even use it to remove makeup, as a shaving cream and as a baby wash.

Coming to the second winter skin stress banisher, Shea butter. List down all your worried and see them get checked off. Sun damage, frostbites, wrinkles, blemishes and fine lines, rough or chapped skin, even skin allergies – they can all be dealt with just with a dollop.

It is the protector of your body realm, a rejuvenator of your senses, as the natural moisturizers it produces are very similar to those produced by our own sebaceous glands. The healthy fatty acids hydrate your skin by penetrating deep into your skin and without clogging pores. It can dramatically reduce marks, scars and skin irritation of any kind. By repairing skin elasticity and adding lustre, Shea butter becomes the undisputed champion for your skin.

A warm bath involving a castile soap and Shea butter is the most comforting ritual you can adopt. And take our word for it, a trial is completely worth it!

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